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We are looking to build a great tool for dealing with log data and we need your help! There are many ways to participate.

Write, review or fix code

logsniffer’s code base is all on GitHub. You can watch, fork and do pull requests. Before we can accept any code from you, we need you to sign our Contributor License Agreement. Please send us a signed copy to so we can merge your code. This is only required once, no matter how many contributions you make in the future.

We look forward to seeing your contributions!

Improve documentation

Our documentation base is currently limited to a Wiki hosted on GitHub. You are also highly encouraged to contribute suggestions and improvements.

Spread the Word

Blog about logsniffer and talk to other techies about your experience. Also, join us and help to promote logsniffer on Twitter, GitHub and further social channels.

About logsniffer

Inspired by shell tools like less, tail and grep we built logsniffer with the vision to make logs accessible in a same way from a central, smart web interface. logsniffer empowers DevOps teams to build and operate great products. It's free, open source and runs in a minute on premise.