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Smartest web log viewer

Smartest web log viewer

logsniffer provides a modern and intuitive end to end web interface to keep an eye on all your logs – in one place and in real-time. It was never easier to scroll and search through gigs of logs.

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Log monitoring and alerting

Monitoring and alerting

Monitor your infrastructure by sniffing logs for events of your interest. logsniffer provides powerful scan routines and alerting to several channels.

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Rolling logs composition


In enterprise logs are always rolled with the drawback of information split over multiple files. In logsniffer these are logically composed in a single continuous

Easy on-promise setup


For operating logsniffer only Java is required available for any platform. Everything else is included according to the principle of “as simple as possible”.

About logsniffer

Inspired by shell tools like less, tail and grep we built logsniffer with the vision to make logs accessible in a same way from a central, smart web interface. logsniffer empowers DevOps teams to build and operate great products. It's free, open source and runs in a minute on premise.