Parse, view, search and analyse logs. Smarter, collaborative, easier!

Web log viewer

There is no longer a need for logging into multiple servers to access and grep logs. logsniffers empowers DevOps to get these in one smart web interface!

Log monitoring

logsniffer scans logs in real-time using powerful search routines and publishes identified events to several channels. Storing events in an Elasticsearch¹ index enables extensive analysis.


Annotating and sharing log data in a central tool enables DevOps teams to collaborate with each other in a new way and to build and run awesome products.

Easy on-premise setup

Download and run logsniffer on premise. It will take you just a minute and keep logs secret!

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A lightweight central log management recipe

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1Elasticsearch is a trademark of Elasticsearch BV, registered in the U.S. and in other countries.

About logsniffer

Inspired by shell tools like less, tail and grep we built logsniffer with the vision to make logs accessible in a same way from a central, smart web interface. logsniffer empowers DevOps teams to build and operate great products. It's free, open source and runs in a minute on premise.